Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc.
SHG has a history of providing specialized solutions to the complex financial and strategic challenges of its' clients.

Strategic Advisory

If your question begins with 'How,' Schwartz Heslin Group can help.

Our team members have specific functional expertise and many have executive level experience running companies across a host of industries. The SHG team possesses a wealth of management, financial and real world experience.  We have strategically assembled a team comprised of executives with a unique mix of skills and experiences that we believe are highly applicable to your situation. The team includes CEO, COO and CFO levels of experience in both start-up and established high-growth companies. It includes functional expertise in strategic management, financial structuring, marketing, sales, administration and accounting. We expect to establish a long-term advisory relationship with each client, and provide added value to help achieve long term objectives.

We assist management in the preparation of realistic operating and strategic plans. The plan is a guide for the organization and the primary method of communicating with many constituencies.  Also, we develop monitoring tools to assure that management measures performance against plan and modifies the plan as conditions change. We participate in periodic reviews with senior management.

Raimundo C. Archibold Jr., CFA
Raimundo C. Archibold Jr., CFA
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