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SHG Provides Strategic Marketing Advisory for Death Wish Coffee Company

  • Posted By: Steven Cina

Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc. is pleased to announced that it has provided advisory services for Death Wish Coffee Company, assisting in the development of their strategic marketing plan.

"We’ve worked with SHG on three projects now and they haven’t disappointed. Cory, Steve, Michael, and the rest of the team are very professional and deliver every time. Death Wish Coffee company will be stronger this year for having worked with them.”
Mike Brown - Founder, Owner, and CEO Death Wish Coffee Company

Death Wish Coffee Co. was founded in 2012 when founder Michael Brown saw a need for coffee that was both strong and delicious to serve his groggy morning customers. After creating the perfect blend of beans and combining it with his unique roasting technique, the 'World's Strongest Coffee' was born.