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SHG Welcomes Steve Cina as Senior Vice President

  • Posted By: Cory Martin

Schwartz Heslin Group is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Cina to the executive team as Senior Vice President. Steve has served as a marketing executive for over 15 years with a strong background in brand and growth strategy. Steve has helped companies with better brand positioning and re-branding, product development strategy, marketing communications and alignment with sales efforts to allow for exceptional growth. Steve's strong sales leadership background is often vital to bridging the gap between marketing and sales, a crucial component to effective growth strategy.

Prior to joining SHG, Steve was the Director of Marketing for a NY-based technology company focused on the educational and local government industries. Steve guided them through an effective re-brand and implemented a marketing strategy that helped the coompany grow from $8mm to over $30mm in annual revenue. Steve was also the VP of sales and marketing for a financial services company and helped guide them from a static sales organization to one with 35% annual growth. He has also worked as a sales and marketing leader for various service companies in NY, providing effective strategy and management expertise.

Steve is working with SHG to implement a comprehensive marketing offering to complement the strategic advisory services provided to its' clients. “SHG is excited to bring on an experienced marketing professional like Steve to help broaden our business advisory offerings in today's competitive market” – Cory Martin, Managing Director.