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Schwartz Heslin Group Performs Valuation Service for Death Wish Coffee

  • Posted By: Steven Cina

Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc. is pleased to announced that it has provided valuation services for Death Wish Coffee.

"Working with Cory and Michael from the Schwartz Heslin Group to run a valuation on my company was a great learning experience. The information they delivered helped me understand how companies are valued and why. With this information and knowing the value of Death Wish Coffee Company at a defined point in time, I'm able to make better decisions for tomorrow. Cory and Michael provided me with recommendations and best practices to help Death Wish Coffee Company continue to grow intelligently while setting us up for the future. This is something I wish I did sooner for my company. It's difficult to set a path for success if you don't know exactly where you stand right now. My standards are really high and Schwartz Heslin Group have over-delivered for me with this project and a couple of others I'm currently engaged with them on."

Michael Brown - Founder, Owner, and CEO Death Wish Coffee Company

Death Wish Coffee Co. was founded in 2012 when founder Michael Brown saw a need for coffee that was both strong and delicious to serve his groggy morning customers. After creating the perfect blend of beans and combining it with his unique roasting technique, the 'World's Strongest Coffee' was born.

Today, thousands of people trust Death Wish Coffee to wake them up and keep them going every day.