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Case Studies
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Case Studies

Debt Recapitalization Advisory


Highly successful, 2nd Generation family-owned business decides to explore a RECAPITALIZATION as a way to provide personal wealth diversification and increased investment in new business opportunities.The company specializes in application software serving over 10,000 clients both domestically and internationally across a variety of industries.


Situation – “Dividend Recapitalization & Growth Capital”         

The company has traditionally avoided financial leverage and had little to no debt when Schwartz Heslin Group started its process. The company wished to secure financing to:

 1.       Secure Growth Prospects

  • Build and develop a pipeline for early adopters.
  • Secure competitive positioning for global expansion and scalability.
  • Maintain access to capital for regional and/or strategic acquisitions to accelerate growth.

2.      Meet Shareholder needs

  • Allow for increased shareholder investment in new business opportunities.
  • Provide personal wealth diversification for shareholders.
  • Meet the liquidity needs of a 3rd generation family ownership transition.



  • Worked with management to determine key qualifications and parameters of a capital raise.
  • SHG met with major banks and made sure the company’s non-negotiable needs were clearly presented.
  • SHG made sure lenders understood the solidity of the business’s growth and secure earnings future.
  • We solicited and confirmed interest, reviewed term sheets, commitment letters and performed negotiations on behalf of the company.
  • We ensured shareholders knew the possible costs of removing covenants and guarantees and moving outside the conventional term loan format.



Together we helped create a scenario where the chosen syndicate of lenders gave our client the flexibility and freedom from certain covenants and pledges that typically come with private lending at high rates with a package of conventional bank rates. SHG continues to work with the client in an advisory capacity.